Oct 10, 2015

A Fresh Start

the bohemian doll
image source: StockSnap.io

Dear Readers, 

        If you used to frequent The Bohemian Doll or maybe visited this blog once or twice, you have probably noticed that all of my previous posts are no longer here. The reason for this is because I finally decided to focus on this blog rather than just dabble in it, updating sporadically. My poor excuse was that nothing interesting nor spectacular really happens in my life; nothing worth blogging about. Then I realized that the reason behind this way of thinking was that I would compare my beginnings to well-established bloggers' middle (yes, I'm talking about this quote). Instead of waiting for something beautiful or spectacular to happen in my life, I should go out there and make it happen because more often than not, just sitting around waiting is useless and counter-productive. 

I'm so excited for the fresh start I'm giving my blog! Expect honest reviews on beauty products, beauty and style tips, opinions on the latest trends, travel and living, maybe a bit of food blurbs here and there since I love to eat, AND more OOTDs (definitely working on this since I find OOTDs my weakest point as I'm uncomfortable having my picture taken in public). 

Wish me luck! 

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