Mar 30, 2016

Baguio 2016

Hi, guys! I'm back and have somewhat settled down a bit in our new home. The only downside to this whole moving thing is that there's still NO internet. We have repeatedly contacted Globe and PLDT and so far no response from either ISP. Well, PLDT did finally reach out to us after 2 weeks of waiting (we contacted them even before our trip to Baguio) only to find out that we had to wait another week or 2 for them to find out if we can have the Fibr plan in our area and then I guess another 2 to 3 weeks for installation. I mean, seriously?! So now, I'm relying on my Smart Bro sim and even that is not performing as I'd like it to. Oh well. C'est la Philippines? 

Okay, so Baguio. I had fun visiting one of my favorite places in the Philippines and it was even more special since it was my fiance's first time being there so I really wanted to play tour guide lol. On our first night in Baguio, we went thrift shopping and food tripping at night along Harrison Rd. Okay you guys, I don't know if this happens every night, but from 9pm onwards, there's a (thrift shopping) night market along Harrison Road and you can find things from shoes to blankets to pillow cases being sold there and it's really so much fun. 

Burnham Park
View from our hotel (we stayed in hotel Veniz)


Hotel Veniz
Inside our room in Hotel Veniz

Hotel Veniz Baguio

Harrison Road Baguio
Harrison Road at night

Dinner! Food from Harrison Road night market
The next day, I dragged brought my fiance to Camp John Hay to visit the Bell House, The Cemetery of Negativism, the Butterfly Farm, AND Chocolate de Batirol. From Burnham Park, we took a jeepney to Camp John Hay and it dropped us off at this place where you had to climb up a freaking hill (it was more of a mountain to me) road and I swear, at the first step going up, my fiance and I stopped dead in our tracks and verbally expressed our shock because it was so high up that you really feel your(?) weight (or gravity?) pulling you down. But we had no choice so uphill we went. 

He wasn't too happy being woken up so early

We found these cool activity place where you can either play paintball, target shoot (using paintball), rappel, zip line, etc. And since I was pregnant, I couldn't do most of those except target shoot with paintball and so that's what my fiance and I ended up doing. After that, we came across the butterfly farm, but manong didn't have change for my 1k (I don't blame him since it's still quite early in the morning and we were perhaps his supposedly first customers) therefore I had to forego that YET AGAIN (in my 4 times of being in Baguio I have never set foot in that butterfly farm and believe me, I've been wanting to go since my first visit). 

I was looking for the cemetery of negativism, but got lost and ended up on a road with arrows pointing to the direction of the Tree Top Adventure and Camp John Hay Center (where the Mile High Inn and lots of restaurants are located). We tried to proceed to the Tree Top Adventure, but got tired on the way that we decided to just go to the center where all the restaurants are, assuming that Chocolate de Batirol is located there. Unfortunately it wasn't. We had to go the exit on the other end of Camp John Hay opposite where we entered. I had to stop on the way just to use my inhaler. Thank God it was still cool in Baguio! 

And then FINALLY we found Chocolate de Batirol and had a much needed rest and some refreshments. My fiance had Choco Mallows while I opted for Choco Mocha. The drinks were sooo good! 
Chocolate de Batirol

Chocolate de Batirol

 After our visit to Camp John Hay, we went to visit our great aunt who is a nun at the ICM House of Prayer and we had a wonderful lunch there, after which she gave a small tour of the place. I really like the tea house and the history behind it. That tea house was a gift from Yamashita to his daughter (as I recall). 

 Unfortunately, we weren't able to do much after that since I suddenly had stomach flu and up till now I'm still musing over which food (I ate, and I ate a LOT) was responsible for my predicament. 

Nonetheless, it was still a memorable experience and I enjoyed our stay. Especially since I got to buy a bouquet of lovely roses (at only 120Php!!!) before leaving for Manila.  

Mar 11, 2016

The Bohemian Doll Updates

Hi, guys! I'm not sure if I actually have regular readers here on this blog but I'll still put up an update just in case.

Foodie Friday

I've decided to not do the Foodie Friday posts every Friday because you know, eating out can be a bit pricey (and we're having a baby and all that jazz so I really have to budget wisely) BUT I will do it every other Friday instead. Starting March 25 because...


I'll be going up to Baguio next Friday and have decided to pause blogging till after I come back which will probably be next, next week. But I will still try to post at least one blog post for next week. Hopefully my trip will be exciting enough to post about here on this blog.

I'm Moving!

Probably one of the most exciting things to happen to me this year. So yeah, I am actually in the process of moving to a new house right now so that's one of the reasons I haven't put up OOTD posts or beauty reviews or whatnot. I'm actually just waiting to finally move in to our new home before I do those types of posts. I hope you bear with me.

YouTube Channel

I am also planning to start vlogging once I've moved and I wanted my beauty reviews and style posts to correlate with my YouTube videos and so that's one of the reasons I've decided to put blogging on hold until around the end of March (or beginning of April) which will most likely be the time I'll have finally moved.

Mar 8, 2016

Spice Up Your Wardrobe with Non-Staple Pieces

There are multitude of articles out there that helps women decide what clothes or accessories to stock their closets with and one of the most common are the ones that advise us to invest in staple pieces that I'm pretty sure are already ingrained in practically every woman's mind – and closets. Crisp white blouse? Check. Basic white tee? Check. Blazer? Check. Black heels, boot-cut jeans, and of course the little black dress? Check, check, and of course, check! Staple pieces? Chances are we already own them all. So why don't we try to be a bit more daring by straying from the norm and incorporate a smattering of non-staple wardrobe pieces to spice things up? 

Boyfriend Jeans

Love or hate them, it looks like boyfriend jeans are here to stay and why not? It's comfortable and low-maintenance which makes them the jeans most women go for (take that, you unforgiving skinny jeans!). You can just easily throw on your basic tee and a pair of cute pumps and you're good to go.

boyfriend jeans


Metallics are definitely non-staple wardrobe pieces as they are too flashy to be regarded as basic. Although one can't deny that they are a recurring trend that are definite head turners what with all that shiny, flashy goodness. From makeup to shoes, metallics are just the thing to brighten up an otherwise drab look. Just don't ever wear them from head to toe lest you blind someone.


70s Style Jeans

Retro fashion has been making a comeback and they show no signs of going out of style – yet. One of the most popular trend is the flared and wide-leg jeans. It's almost as roomy as the boyfriend jeans, but a little more glam especially with sky-high heels. Think boho chic or Rachel Zoe. The best way to wear these types of jeans is with your shirt tucked in. 

Leopard Print

Tricky as it is to wear, this perennial trend exudes an air of fierceness and if done right, elegance that will no doubt demand people's attention. And since it's a perennial trend, your leopard print clothes or accessories is in no danger of gathering dust in your wardrobe. For those who want to venture into the wild side, but are a little hesitant, try going minimal because one leopard print accessory as small as a belt or a scarf can already make a huge statement.

Full Midi Skirts

Reminiscent of Dior's New Look, this piece can make practically anything look classy and should definitely change from a non-staple wardrobe piece to an actual closet staple. Also, the fuller the skirt, the better. Tuck a basic tee in your full midi skirt and see the transformation from casual to, well, fabulous! You can even try it with a sweater for colder weather and pair the ensemble with pointed toe heels.

Mar 4, 2016

Foodie Friday: Chicken & Beer (BGC vs. Alabang)

I'm a fan of Korean dramas (and of course, the variety show "Running Man") and since I used to be an ESL tutor, I have been exposed to Korean culture (somewhat) and their food. Even though I don't eat beef or pork, there are still a lot of Korean food that I absolutely love (ddeokbokki, anyone?). I have also noticed that in some Korean drama series, one of the comfort food of choice is chicken and beer and I've been so curious ever since.

Imagine my delight when I heard about the Chicken & Beer restaurant here in the Philippines! I practically begged my food buddy (a.k.a fiancé) to try it out with me. Naturally, him being a guy and not really much for watching Korean dramas (except when I'm watching them with him around), he didn't really see what the big deal was. It was just chicken... and beer.

So drag him to the nearest branch (which was at Bonifacio Global City) I did and we regret NOTHING! Okay, so the place is quite easy to miss since it's sort of tucked in a corner, but it's there beside a bank, I think (I'm sorry, my memory is a bit crap). The ambiance of the place was pretty laid back and very welcoming and the staff were accommodating.

We ordered one of my favorites which was Ddeokbokki and tried out the Paris chicken. The Ddeokbokki was superb and although it was spicy, it wasn't pure tabasco-flavour kind of spicy and the sauce was quite thick and really delicious. The Paris chicken was tender and cooked perfectly. I had an apple flavoured beer to go with the food while my boyfriend opted for the Red Horse. 

chicken & beer

paris chicken


Since we were so satisfied with our first visit, we decided to bring my brother along the next time we went there, this time at the Alabang (Molito) branch. The place was smaller compared to the BGC branch, but still laidback and actually a bit whimsical. However, the staff was not as accommodating since it was hard to get their attention; they were all just doing their own thing. One of them even kept on going outside to use his phone.

For some reason, their food, at least the ddeokbokki didn't taste as good as the one at the BGC branch. It tasted like tabasco sauce was just poured all over the whole thing and ta-da! ddeokbokki! My boyfriend tried their spicy chicken this time and mentioned that the Paris chicken we had before at the BGC branch was more spicy than the spicy chicken he just ordered which is a bit weird if you think about it. My brother, on the other hand, ordered Cream Chicken Pasta which I got to taste, but I really can't comment on how it was since he had loaded it with tabasco before I even had a chance to ask him for a bite. The U-dong I ordered was actually good and I did enjoy it so that's one upside to the whole thing.

chicken & beer

chicken & beer


Overall, I would say it's better if you get your Chicken & Beer fix at the Bonifacio Global City branch. The ambiance is great and the servers are at your beck and call whereas the servers in in the Alabang area weren't so accommodating (at least the time we were there). Next time, I'll try the Chicken & Beer located at A. Venue Makati.

If you have also tried Chicken & Beer, do let me know about your experience and if you have restaurant recommendations, share them on the comment box as well! After all, I'm always on the lookout for good food.

P.S. For those confused about the beer I ordered, we went there last year so I wasn't pregnant then.

Mar 1, 2016

The Lazy Girl's Guide to Staying Stylish during Summer

So I was sick for the past week and my eyes were bloodshot for 3 days straight (it's getting better now) and it was just crazy that I haven't been able to update the blog. I have yet to try and actually schedule more posts. Anyway, here's a post from way back that I did which I just edited a bit that I think is relevant what with summer already in our midst (if you're in the Philippines, that is) and I am starting to feel the HEAT.

I don't know about you, but the summer heat usually makes me feel sluggish and getting dressed becomes a chore I don't even want to think about, much less do (Yes, I get so lazy to the point where I sometimes parade around my apartment almost naked). What happens is that I sometimes end up going out of the house wearing whatever I grab first from my brother's closet and the end result is more often than not homely... and a few times cringe-worthy.

Since I have a blog to maintain AND I really want to make more of an effort to look good all the time, I pushed myself to try and achieve looking very presentable whenever I go out. Below are just some of the effective ways I've found to looking totally put-together with minimal effort that I think girls who have found themselves in the same predicament will find helpful. 

1. Wear it on Your Face... or Hair

So you really don't feel like making an effort to dress up or maybe most of your nice clothes are in the laundry, that's okay. You can wear a basic tee and a pair of shorts and still be able to play up your look with makeup! No, I'm not advising you to pile on products on your face. A tinted moisturizer or BB Cream and a swipe of bright colored lipstick will do the trick. It would be a plus if you combine it with an easy, but pretty hairstyle. Nowadays, you can find tons of pretty hairstyle tutorials on the internet (Pinterest or Youtube, anyone?).

2. Stick to Lightweight Clothing

Lightweight tops and dresses are definite summer must-haves. Seriously. It's even better if the item of clothing is loose or billowy because a. you won't have to struggle trying to get it on you and b. this will give you room to breathe and won't make you sweat profusely because sweating like a pig is just not attractive. No. By the way, I haven't seen a pig sweat yet. Have you? Do share.

3. Wear Shorts... or skirts

Jeans can be uncomfortable especially when you're experiencing the summer heat. Summer in the Philippines can be quite unbearable (to me, personally) and wearing jeans are just too constricting so I opt for shorts instead, plus they're faster to slip into and you'll no doubt have awesome luck finding one with fun details and/or fabrics like lace. Set aside your jeans and bring out your shorts and/or skirts! Let your legs breathe! Don't feel comfortable showing some legs? Then wear lightweight pants or longer skirts. Or you know, maybe your thighs will get slimmer from all the sweating your legs will be doing in those constricting denim jeans.

4. Wear Flattering Flat Sandals

There will be days when even slipping our feet into a pair of heels or sneakers will feel like too much work and flip flops can look kind of shabby (unless you live by the beach). Flat sandals are your best friends during the summer! They can be dressy or laid back without looking too shabby. I also think that flattering flat sandals are great options especially if you want to show off your cute pedicure. 

5. When in Doubt, Accessorize! 

Accessories have the power to transform your look from plain to fabulous. Try wearing a plain shirt and a pair of shorts and you'll look just that. Plain. But if you add say, statement earrings or a cool pair of shades or maybe even a colorful scarf, then you'd look a hell of a lot more interesting. 

photo credit: Mlle Tortue via photopin cc