Mar 30, 2016

Baguio 2016

Hi, guys! I'm back and have somewhat settled down a bit in our new home. The only downside to this whole moving thing is that there's still NO internet. We have repeatedly contacted Globe and PLDT and so far no response from either ISP. Well, PLDT did finally reach out to us after 2 weeks of waiting (we contacted them even before our trip to Baguio) only to find out that we had to wait another week or 2 for them to find out if we can have the Fibr plan in our area and then I guess another 2 to 3 weeks for installation. I mean, seriously?! So now, I'm relying on my Smart Bro sim and even that is not performing as I'd like it to. Oh well. C'est la Philippines? 

Okay, so Baguio. I had fun visiting one of my favorite places in the Philippines and it was even more special since it was my fiance's first time being there so I really wanted to play tour guide lol. On our first night in Baguio, we went thrift shopping and food tripping at night along Harrison Rd. Okay you guys, I don't know if this happens every night, but from 9pm onwards, there's a (thrift shopping) night market along Harrison Road and you can find things from shoes to blankets to pillow cases being sold there and it's really so much fun. 

Burnham Park
View from our hotel (we stayed in hotel Veniz)


Hotel Veniz
Inside our room in Hotel Veniz

Hotel Veniz Baguio

Harrison Road Baguio
Harrison Road at night

Dinner! Food from Harrison Road night market
The next day, I dragged brought my fiance to Camp John Hay to visit the Bell House, The Cemetery of Negativism, the Butterfly Farm, AND Chocolate de Batirol. From Burnham Park, we took a jeepney to Camp John Hay and it dropped us off at this place where you had to climb up a freaking hill (it was more of a mountain to me) road and I swear, at the first step going up, my fiance and I stopped dead in our tracks and verbally expressed our shock because it was so high up that you really feel your(?) weight (or gravity?) pulling you down. But we had no choice so uphill we went. 

He wasn't too happy being woken up so early

We found these cool activity place where you can either play paintball, target shoot (using paintball), rappel, zip line, etc. And since I was pregnant, I couldn't do most of those except target shoot with paintball and so that's what my fiance and I ended up doing. After that, we came across the butterfly farm, but manong didn't have change for my 1k (I don't blame him since it's still quite early in the morning and we were perhaps his supposedly first customers) therefore I had to forego that YET AGAIN (in my 4 times of being in Baguio I have never set foot in that butterfly farm and believe me, I've been wanting to go since my first visit). 

I was looking for the cemetery of negativism, but got lost and ended up on a road with arrows pointing to the direction of the Tree Top Adventure and Camp John Hay Center (where the Mile High Inn and lots of restaurants are located). We tried to proceed to the Tree Top Adventure, but got tired on the way that we decided to just go to the center where all the restaurants are, assuming that Chocolate de Batirol is located there. Unfortunately it wasn't. We had to go the exit on the other end of Camp John Hay opposite where we entered. I had to stop on the way just to use my inhaler. Thank God it was still cool in Baguio! 

And then FINALLY we found Chocolate de Batirol and had a much needed rest and some refreshments. My fiance had Choco Mallows while I opted for Choco Mocha. The drinks were sooo good! 
Chocolate de Batirol

Chocolate de Batirol

 After our visit to Camp John Hay, we went to visit our great aunt who is a nun at the ICM House of Prayer and we had a wonderful lunch there, after which she gave a small tour of the place. I really like the tea house and the history behind it. That tea house was a gift from Yamashita to his daughter (as I recall). 

 Unfortunately, we weren't able to do much after that since I suddenly had stomach flu and up till now I'm still musing over which food (I ate, and I ate a LOT) was responsible for my predicament. 

Nonetheless, it was still a memorable experience and I enjoyed our stay. Especially since I got to buy a bouquet of lovely roses (at only 120Php!!!) before leaving for Manila.  

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