Jun 15, 2016

Beauty Review: Pink Sugar Concealer & Lip and Cheek Tint

Pink Sugar

Pink Sugar is a fairly new cosmetics company that launched its brand just last year, 2015 and I've been hearing a lot about them that I decided to finally go ahead and try a few of their products and see what the hype was about. 

I like that they have an affordable price range which is a huge plus for people like me who don't have much money to burn (if any at all). 

Pink Sugar Swatches

The Our Li'l Secret concealer has a thick and creamy consistency, but don't let that fool you. This concealer dries up fast and when that happens, it can become very hard to blend out so my advice is to start with a small amount and blend it fast. I found that it is better to blend with a brush (and maybe a sponge, though I haven't tried applying it with a sponge yet) and to mix it with a bit of BB cream. I suppose you can also try mixing it with a bit of moisturizer, but again, I have yet to try doing that. 

I love the coverage that it gives as it really hides my dark circles and it is definitely long-lasting. However, I did notice that it becomes chalky and/or cakey on the under-eye area which I presume is because of the product drying up. Very unfortunate really since I really like the coverage. 

Our Li'l Secret concealer

As for the Sugar Tint lip and cheek tint, I am baffled by this particular product because I have heard a lot of beauty bloggers/vloggers and even most consumer feedbacks claim that it is long lasting and that it doesn't wear off even after eating which is very untrue in my experience. 

Pink Sugar Sugar Tint
Excuse the upper lip sweat (lol)  
I have worn this lip product 3 times now, all of which wore off after a meal. Am I doing something wrong?! 

Pink Sugar

Again, I really like the creamy consistency and the matte finish of the lip and cheek tint and am also definitely loving the shade I got (Queen Bee), but for the life of me, it doesn't stay on when I eat! It is surprising though that when I drink a glass of water, the tint does not transfer to the rim of the glass nor does it wear off on my lips. So yeah, this one's definitely an enigma to me, lol! 

All I can say is, since Pink Sugar is still a new company, I'm pretty sure that they will be able to improve their products in time and maybe (hopefully) re-formulate these particular products. I'm crossing my fingers. 

Pink Sugar cosmetics
3 hours after applying the products (and also after eating) 

You can also watch the video review I did on these products here:

Jun 7, 2016

Beauty Review: Beach Born Sea Salt Spray

Beach Born Sea Salt Spray

I have been wanting to try this product out ever since I first saw it on BeautyMNL, but I was also feeling a bit hesitant because I already have really curly hair and figured there's not much point in me buying the Beach Born Sea Salt Spray so it stayed on my basket for weeks until one night, when I was roaming around BF Ruins (Good Shepherd's Bazaar) with my brother and husband, I came across a store that sells cute swimwear (Ekai) and my eyes eventually landed on this product which was sitting pretty on a little basket in front of the store. 

I shelled out PhP 180 for this 100mL Beach Born Sea Salt Spray bottle and I regret NOTHING. 

I needed something that would tame my curls because when I let my hair air dry, it can't help but expand and become as fluffy as a poodle's hair (quick fact: I used to be called "poodle" in grade school by some pesky boys from my class because of my poofy hair) and I'm happy to say that this product does the trick. 

First off, it doesn't really smell like anything so that's good. What I normally do after a shower is dry my hair with a towel and when it's not too wet anymore, I just spray it liberally all over my hair, making sure that the front part (the hair that frames my face) gets a good amount of spritz and then I twist them backwards just so they don't get frizzy. I also bring all of my hair in front (I bend my head upside down) and spray it all over to add a "lift" to my hair because as much as I want tamed curls, I do not want my hair to end up looking limp and flat. 

It also says on the back that the Beach Born Sea Salt Spray can be used as a dry shampoo, but if you're curly like me, I wouldn't really recommend doing so because from my personal experience, my hair got really crunchy and hard and I can't even comb my hands through my hair. It was pretty uncomfortable since I felt like I haven't washed my hair for days (when in fact, I only skipped a day of washing my hair). It could also be that I sprayed a lot of the product onto my hair, but whatever. I'm not using this as a dry shampoo again. I will always prefer using this after a nice shower :) 

Watch my YouTube video review of the Beach Born Sea Salt Spray and if you like it, give it a thumbs up! Also, don't forget to subscribe to my channel <3 

Jun 3, 2016

Foodie Friday: Countryside Steakhouse

A few weeks ago, my husband had to run an errand somewhere in Cavite, and since it was after work and I was with him at that time (hanging out in his bedroom at his family's house), I tagged along so we can go straight home afterwards. It was also around dinner time therefore we decided to have dinner somewhere near. 

We've been to the same branch of Countryside Steakhouse before (Riverside, Kawit Cavite) and opted to have dinner there again. It's a chill place with a lot of cowboy memorabilia/decorations around. 

countryside steakhouse

riverside countryside steakhouse

countryside steakhouse

foodie friday

I forgot that I had sizzling tuna on our last visit so the thought of trying a different dish did not occur to me. I've been feeling a bit tired of chicken and decided that the best option for me on the seafood/fish category would be the sizzling tuna. It was only after I was halfway through my meal did I remember that I should've gone for a different dish. 

foodie friday

Oh well. The sizzling tuna (a serving that's already good for two persons) was nothing spectacular. It was good, but had a bit of a sour taste to it and chewing the tuna chunks sort of made my teeth feel a bit sensitive (I don't know why). It's kind of sad that they didn't have regular soy sauce so I could have had the option of drizzling a bit on my sizzling tuna. They only had the steak sauce. 

countryside steakhouse

Speaking of steak sauce, my husband opted for steak which I forgot the name of (I'm truly sorry), but perhaps steak lovers out there can identify? (edit 6/5/16: according to my husband, this is the Porterhouse Steak) 

countryside steakhouse

I asked him how it was and he said it was good, but like my sizzling tuna, nothing spectacular. I got a bit of gravy sauce that was swimming around his steak and I really liked it with my tuna (I guess I have a really weird tastebud sometimes). 

Would we go here again for a meal? Yes, if we're around the area, but next time, I'm definitely ordering something else. 

By the way, when we were here, we were seated underneath their aircon and since I was the one seated directly underneath it, I could feel the water leaking from the aircon and it was not a nice experience. It felt like it was drizzling inside the restaurant. 

I did have a Nutella Milk Tea from Prosperitea next door after our meal so I was mollified. 

May 31, 2016

Sunday Date Outfit

The Bohemian Doll
Sandals from Michaela; Dress from Divisoria; Choker necklace from a bazaar in Festival Mall 

I had plans to go to the May 27-29 Trendsetter's Bazaar ever since the previous one (which was last April 15-17) ended and I got my hands on 2 sheets of coupons for the next one. Unfortunately, I also found out the night before- from a YouTube movie trailer ad- that the movie Warcraft was already being shown in theatres and I excitedly relayed this info to my husband who was kind of a fan. Anyhow, to make a long story short, he made me choose between going to the Trendsetter's Bazaar (which I have waited a month for) and watching the Warcraft movie. 

For some reason, which I slightly regret, we ended up in Glorietta to watch the Warcraft movie and then I had a look at the makeup section of the SM Department Store to make up for not being at the Trendsetter's Bazaar. We had a box of Yellow Cab pizza delivered to us when we got back home and somehow that made everything a little bit better. 

May 20, 2016

Foodie Friday: Simply Pastries by Sidney

It was my husband's birthday last May 12 and I've been ordering his birthday cakes from Simply Pastries by Sidney since last year (which was our first year together). Usually people would just buy a cake from a bakeshop like Red Ribbon or Goldilocks, but I wanted his birthday cake to be a bit more special, and the cakes Sidney Bascon makes look and taste exquisite. 

Last year, I ordered the Jack Daniel's cake for my husband's (then boyfriend) birthday and this year, we opted for the Chocolate Treat cake. 

The Jack Daniel's cake last year was sweet and at the same time, you can definitely taste the Jack Daniel's in it. While we enjoyed that particular cake, we couldn't devour the whole thing immediately (you're probably thinking, who devours a whole cake in a day or two?! Trust me when I say both my husband and I can and do) since this is the type of cake you'd want to have after a scrumptious dinner and/or when you're in the mood for something sweet and alcoholic (which doesn't happen often with us). Thankfully, there was someone in their household (still do not know who up to this day) who was glad to consume practically the rest of the (more than) half-eaten cake. It would have been a pity to see it last for a week in the refrigerator. 

Jack Daniels
Taken from my Instagram account as I forgot to take proper pictures before digging in

With the Chocolate Treat cake, it was all sweets packed with, obviously, various chocolate treats. One of the greatest thing about this is that you have the option to choose which chocolate treats you want your cake to be topped with. We had Snickers, Kitkats, Ferrero, Crunch, and even mini Oreo cookies on my husband's cake and we absolutely loved it! Especially me since I have a massive sweet tooth plus the fact that I have to have my chocolate fix everyday since the 6th month of my pregnancy. Even my brothers-in-law were pretty impressed with the cake and I guess it's safe to say that everybody who had a go at this Chocolate Treat cake enjoyed it. Ugh, just thinking about it makes my mouth water. I'm totally going to grab a chocolate bar in the fridge after this post. 

Chocolate Treat cake

It was also a pleasure ordering cakes from Sidney because she's so pleasant, and the beautiful cakes she makes are worth their prices. I'm actually looking forward to ordering from her again. 

If you're interested in placing an order from Simply Pastries by Sidney, you can view her creations on her Instagram account here and contact her through the following details: 

Simply Pastries by Sidney