Dec 27, 2016

Beauty Review: Sleek MakeUp i-Divine On the Horizon Palette

sleek makeup

A couple of weeks back, I heard about the 3 new limited edition eyeshadow palettes that Sleek MakeUp was releasing (On the Horizon, Goodnight Sweetheart, and Nordic Skies), and being a fan of Sleek MakeUp and currently being obsessed with experimenting with eye makeup looks, I went ahead and purchased the On the Horizon palette. I initially wanted to purchase two and kept asking about the Goodnight Sweetheart palette, but they were out of stock in the SM Department store I frequently visit which is in Makati. I would get the Nordic Skies too, but I'm still on the fence about that since I'm not totally sure about the shades in that particular palette. 

Now back to the palette that I got. On the Horizon is actually my first choice of palette to get because I've been wanting to experiment with orange-y eyeshadows and the swatches I've seen online were pretty impressive. 

It did not disappoint.

sleek makeup on the horizon

sleek makeup eyeshadow palette 
The color payoff of the shades here are really amazing save for "beech" because that doesn't really show much. It's a very subtle shade that is perfect to use as an eyeshadow base. The "fawn" shade needs to be packed on a lot for it to show on its own, but I personally think that it's better used on top of another eyeshadow (it looks amazing on top of "bonfire"). 

So as you can see, this palette (as with the rest of the Sleek i-Divine palettes) comes with 12 shades; 3 mattes ("beech", "harvest moon", and "willow") and 9 shimmer shades. However, some of the shimmers here look more satin-y than shimmery, and the shade "dawn" which is the deep blue one, leans towards matte more than shimmer, but on the palette it has hints of shimmer on it.  

L-R: pine cone, dew drop, willow, fawn, harvest moon, chestnut, dawn, raindrop, moss, beech, sugar maple, bonfire
 The great thing about this palette is that the eyeshadows are long-wearing. I had this on from around 4pm up till 2:15 am and my eye makeup (all from the i-Divine On the Horizon palette) was still intact, and still very pigmented. I also personally liked the fact that this particular palette came with some mattes just because I find it easier to work with a palette that has both matte and shimmer in it especially when I'm doing reviews or looks on a palette. Application-wise, the shades are build-able and are easy to blend and I haven't noticed any fallouts (which could also be because I tap off the excess from the brush before applying the eyeshadows on my lids). 

the bohemian doll
It doesn't look as pigmented on cam since I'm using the front-facing camera of my Samsung S7
Overall, I really don't have any complaints about this palette except that I only wish they would have put the artwork on the box on the palette as well, but then when you think about it, that might cost more than Php695 already and if that were the case, then I'd take the plain old black Sleek MakeUp i-Divine palette packaging. If I were to rate this product out of 10, I'd say this is an 8. 

I also have a video review of this product on my YouTube channel: 

Dec 3, 2016

Beauty Review: Sooper Beaute Wonder Cream

sooper beaute wonder cream
30g Sooper Beaute Wonder Cream 

If you've been following my blog, this product might seem familiar to you and that's because I featured this in my BeautyMNL mini haul. I was running out of BB Cream and I needed something to blend with my Milani Conceal and Perfect 2-in-1 Foundation because it was a tad dark for my skin tone so I decided to purchase a BB cream or new foundation. Since I wanted to hit a lot of birds with one stone, I decided to get something new so I can do a review of it as well. 

I also decided to go local hence this Sooper Beaute Wonder Cream (yes, it is Filipino made). I noticed on their site that there's an option for currencies therefore it could mean that they also ship to other countries, but I have yet to receive their reply on my query regarding that. (Update: Yes, they do ship worldwide) 
sooper beaute wonder cream

I like that the Sooper Beaute Wonder Cream came in a pump bottle as I feel that pumping out the product is more hygienic than scooping it out with your fingers. 

Okay, so the Wonder Cream has a creamy texture especially when pumped out and it gradually becomes a tad watery when blended out and true to its description, "leaves a powdery veil on the skin". That said, I suggest you apply on as much as you intend to on your face in one go and do your best to blend it out evenly because once it sets, it's hard to build up. I found that the Wonder Cream is not buildable because it does become powdery and it just ends up getting messy (streaky) if you try to build it up (in my case). Also, the Wonder Cream has a light powdery smell which isn't at all too strong nor offensive. 

sooper beaute

I also wouldn't suggest tanned women (girls, men, etc.) to use this product just because even on my skin tone, it still made me look a tad bit whiter or fairer. It does a good job of making my face sort of flawless (also with the help of a somewhat clear skin of course); however, it does not cover under eye circles well so a concealer will definitely be needed especially if your dark circles are a bit difficult to hide. 

The longevity of this product on my face is really good. After 9 hours, that's when I started looking oily on my T-zone so if you're considering getting the Sooper Beaute Wonder Cream, you may want to keep an oil-control film or blotting paper with you or a face powder. For me, that's not a deal-breaker considering how rarely I stay out for more than 5 hours. 

Overall, this is a really good product which I will have no qualms of re-purchasing in the future. 

As of this writing, the 30g pump bottle is out of stock, but both BeautyMNL and the Sooper Beaute site have this product available in a 10g tub which retails for Php 100

I did a video review of this as well which you can check out on my YouTube channel or click to play the video below: 

Nov 23, 2016

Beauty Review: Pop Beauty Permanent Pout

I recently just started subscribing to Glamourbox, a beauty subscription box here in the Philippines and last October, they had the Pop Beauty special edition box which I immediately subscribed to (especially after finding out that the brand is cruelty free). I was quite happy with the stuff I got and this is one of the products included in the Pop Beauty special edition box. 

This Permanent Pout lip paint is in the shade Razzle Rose and all the while I thought that the shade would lean more on a brighter pink or red hue. Needless to say I was utterly surprised to find out that it was more on the brownish side. I doubt I could pull off a brownish color so I wasn't exactly ecstatic when I first tried it on, but it grew on me and now I love it! I'm actually even thinking of getting more lip products in varying shades of brown. That's how hooked I am. 

Anyway, so this product retails for Php750 and I personally think that that's a fair price to pay considering all the good stuff that comes with purchasing this product i.e. paraben free, cruelty-free, great color payoff, and the size! At first glance, I thought "wha-?! Why is this a mascara? I thought I was getting a lip product?" The packaging is very much like how a mascara would be packaged. Not to mention that the silver color of the packaging gives the Pop Beauty Permanent Pout a very classy look. 

At first application, the texture is very creamy and a little on the sticky side. After a few seconds, it becomes more velvety, and when it dries? It feels like you aren't wearing any lip product on your lips. It's very matte, but not drying. The Pop Beauty Permanent Pout does not transfer on your skin when you kiss it so I'm assuming that it doesn't transfer to your lover's kissers when you make out. It is long-lasting since I applied this product at 7:24 am and slept till 1:11 pm and this was how my lips looked: 

But then I got hungry and ate leftover fried chicken fillet and I found out that like my other liquid matte lip products, the Pop Beauty Permanent Pout lip paint also wears off after eating. It didn't completely wear off, but still enough for me to want to reapply. 

It is no longer a deal breaker for me though since I haven't really found a lip product that does not wear off even after eating. If such a product exists and you happen to know about it (and it doesn't cost an absurd amount), I'd love it if you'd let me know. 

So yeah, I figure I'm still going to re-purchase or heck, even purchase another one in a different shade this time. I give this Pop Beauty Permanent Pout a 4 out of 5 stars!

Check out my video review on YouTube:

Nov 1, 2016

Abby Jocson Bags Review

abby jocson

A few weeks ago, I took advantage of the sale going on at Abby Jocson is a bag designer and from October 10 to 16, all the bags were 60% off. It's. A. Bag. Sale. Need I say more?

Let me tell you, it's hard shopping on a budget. Especially when you have a lot of gorgeous designs to choose from, but I was able to finally decide on 2 designs which were the Gigi bag and the Kelly bag. Now, the shipping fee costs 100Php and guess what I did? I ordered them separately. Smart. I know. Anyway, while I was still on the fence about ordering another bag, I went ahead and got the Gigi design because I was afraid someone might snatch it under my nose. Again, the bags were on sale and we all know how women can be when there's a sale going on.

abby jocson

So there I was, the anticipation building up inside me while waiting for my bag to arrive on my doorstep and imagining what outfits I can build around the Gigi bag when finally it arrived, and much to my disappointment, arrived defective. What I mean by "defective" is that the strips of the tassel were falling off as if it were suffering from some crazy side effects of high stress levels.

And because that was unacceptable to me even though I paid more than half its original price (999Php), I reached out to them with my complaint and though it took them a few days to reply, they did reply and agreed to an exchange which I was grateful for. So while waiting for the exchange of my bag, I found myself on once more and gave in to the temptation of buying another bag, this time the Kelly bag and once again daydreaming about the outfits I could wear around it.

abby jocson

abby jocson

It arrived and I immediately inspected it and noticed it had a scratch somewhere around the gold area of the bag and a smidgen of dirt behind it, but nothing devastating enough for me to ask for another exchange. Don't get me wrong. I definitely see myself purchasing more Abby Jocson bags in the future, just not ordering them online anymore. From the experience I had, I prefer visiting their actual shop or booth (in bazaars) and buying in person so I can inspect the bags and be sure that what I purchase isn't defective. However, I might not be able to help myself when there's a major sale going on.

Here's the vlog where I reviewed my Abby Jocson bags: