Feb 27, 2015

Birthday Dinner

vikings luxury buffet

Last Wednesday, my brother and I celebrated his birthday at this buffet restaurant called Vikings. The food was so delicious and I ate quite a lot, but I wish I'd eaten more (I'm kind of a glutton, if you haven't already noticed). I'm definitely going back. 



And here's the only decent shot I have of my brother that night since he refused to smile for the camera. 

the bohemian doll

I also sweet-talked my brother into letting me raid his closet and came up with this Bershka button-down. I had to tie it in the front so as not to look like I'm drowning in it (that tummy peek was NOT intended, btw. I'm horrified, but there you go). And since I paired it off with a pair of blue denim shorts and blue Sebago shoes, I decided to finish the look with a Guess giraffe (skin) print clutch to somewhat avoid looking like a smurf. Whaddya think? 

Oct 13, 2014

Food Blurb

I guess by now you know how much I love to eat and I'll try not to fill this blog up with so much food posts, unless of course it's something my readers (I still am not sure if I have regular ones? lol) would love to read more about. But here's something for you fellow food lovers: 

For my birthday, my boyfriend and my best friend took me out to dinner at Seafood Island in Alabang Town Center though I only remembered to take photos halfway through our meals and by then the food didn't look that presentable anymore. Before that though, I made a short visit at the Vanilla Cupcake Bakery just across the restaurant to try out their cookies n' cream cupcake and because the place looked so whimsical and girly I remembered to take photos. 

My feedback on the cupcake? Delicious. The cake was spongy and it balances out the sweetness of the cream although the cream wasn't sickly sweet. Overall, it was perfect. 

Vanilla Cupcake Bakery

cookies n' cream cupcake

A few days after my birthday dinner with friends, I went out with my brother to eat at Teriyaki Boy in Festival Mall, Alabang. Great food and affordable too. Plus, the servers are very friendly and accommodating. Just looking at the ebi katsudon makes me feel hungry all over again. I will definitely go back. 

teriyaki boy

Oh and just a glimpse of what I wore (Quidditch Seeker hoodie from a store in Pop Culture Alabang Town Center, denim shorts, and Airwalk zebra stripes sneakers) since I rarely do that here on my blog: 

quidditch hoodie

airwalk shoes

And to cap off the week (or start? since it was Sunday), we tried this Seoul cane ice cream before catching a movie (November Man; good, but the plot could've been better/cleaner(?) since there were loose ends). The ice cream was nothing special though still an enjoyable treat albeit a bit hard to eat  due to the thick... wafer? corn wafer (it tasted corn-ish)? Especially for people who have small mouths like I do (at least I feel like I have a small mouth since I often eat my meals with a teaspoon because I find it easier. hehe, random fact about me). 

jipangyi seoul cane ice cream

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Oct 7, 2014


So where have I been in the past couple of months? Living life, of course! and forgetting to write about it. Hmm.

So here's a bunch of photo collages to maybe give curious onlookers an idea of what I have been up to.

Let's start with the most recent one.

chicken curry
Spent the weekend at my boyfriend's place and cooked chicken curry for him although I got coconut milk happy and so it tasted more coconut milk-y than curry. Still delicious though (according to my boyfriend too). 

Sakae Mall of Asia
Treated my boyfriend to Sakae, a sushi buffet in Mall of Asia, after we went thrift store shopping for my brother. This was kind of like my thank you gesture to him since he had a busy day and was tired, but still accompanied me like the great boyfriend he is (lol). 

SM Parisian shoes
Accompanied my best friend to her graduation photo shoot and acted as photographer (behind the scenes photographer, more like) and I also helped her with poses for the creative shots. I even asked the official photographer if they could hire me as assistant or something - I think they thought I was kidding. I actually wasn't though. By the way, my boyfriend bought me those boots after he saw how I was drooling over them (they were on sale too! 50% off, Parisian shoes from SM). I am head-over-heels in love with them. 

McDo Kenny Rogers Seafood Island
Aaandd more food trip moments. What can I say? I love to eat. 

the bohemian doll

So I guess that's it. I basically spent most of the time eating. Forgive me the selfie. I couldn't resist. That stupid duck face is just so silly I love/hate it. 

Apr 23, 2014

Spice Up Your Wardrobe with Non-Staple Pieces

There's a multitude of articles out there that helps women decide what clothes or accessories to stock their closets with and one of the most common are the ones that advise us to invest in staple pieces that I'm pretty sure are already ingrained in practically every woman's mind – and closets. Crisp white blouse? Check. Basic white tee? Check. Blazer? Check. Black heels, boot-cut jeans, and of course the little black dress? Check, check, and of course, check! Staple pieces? Chances are we already own them all. So why don't we try to be a bit more daring by straying from the norm and incorporate a smattering of non-staple wardrobe pieces to spice things up? 

Boyfriend Jeans

Love or hate them, it looks like boyfriend jeans are here to stay and why not? It's comfortable and low-maintenance which makes them the jeans most women go for (take that, you unforgiving skinny jeans!). You can just easily throw on your basic tee and a pair of cute pumps and you're good to go.
boyfriend jeans


Metallics are definitely non-staple wardrobe pieces as they are too flashy to be regarded as basic. Although one can't deny that they are a recurring trend that are definite head turners what with all that shiny, flashy goodness. From makeup to shoes, metallics are just the thing to brighten up an otherwise drab look. Just don't ever wear them from head to toe lest you blind someone.

70s Style Jeans

Retro fashion has been making a comeback and they show no signs of going out of style – yet. One of the most popular trend is the flared and wide-leg jeans. It's almost as roomy as the boyfriend jeans, but a little more glam especially with sky-high heels. Think boho chic or Rachel Zoe. The best way to wear these types of jeans is with your shirt tucked in. 

Leopard Print

Tricky as it is to wear, this perennial trend exudes an air of fierceness and if done right, elegance that will no doubt demand people's attention. And since it's a perennial trend, your leopard print clothes or accessories is in no danger of gathering dust in your wardrobe. For those who want to venture into the wild side, but are a little hesitant, try going minimal because one leopard print accessory as small as a belt or a scarf can already make a huge statement.

Full Midi Skirts

Reminiscent of Dior's New Look, this piece can make practically anything look classy and should definitely change from a non-staple wardrobe piece to an actual closet staple. Also, the fuller the skirt, the better. Tuck a basic tee in your full midi skirt and see the transformation from casual to, well, fabulous! You can even try it with a sweater for colder weather and pair the ensemble with pointed toe heels.

Mar 14, 2014

Gold Digger

No, not that kind.

gold digger
Fossil Cecile watch, Charlotte Russe bracelet set, Chanel Vintage embroidered jacket, Giuseppe Zanotti sandals, Charlotte Olympia Gummi Bear clutch

I have never really been a fan of gold-toned accessories. I used to think that it looked gaudy therefore I tried to avoid wearing gold jewelry or, God forbid, gold-toned clothing; and for some reason, I find the trend a bit too 80s for my taste.

Until recently. Suddenly, I'm so into gold accessories and clothing and not just because there were quite a number of gold pieces that recently made an appearance on the runway. My falling in love with the trend happened way before that. I just never got around to actually acquiring some accessories (you know, the faux gold ones), but maybe this time I'll put it high up on my never-ending list of things to have. Especially the long gold chain necklace I saw from Aldo (I'm still kicking myself for not snapping that one up when I had the chance. And no, it's not on the site either which is a bummer).

But just because I developed a sudden love (or obsession?) with gold, does not mean I'm going to go crazy and bedeck myself with all the gold I lay eyes on, like a christmas tree. Of course not. I still find it quite a tricky trend to pull off, but I guess in moderation, it's possible to look classy rather than trashy.

If like me, you also want to incorporate gold in your outfit, but don't want to overdo it, you can try the subtle approach by adding touches of gold-toned accessories with neutral colors (which is the safest way). Of course sometimes it's also good to throw caution to the wind and just have fun with it.

gold styling
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