Nov 23, 2016

Beauty Review: Pop Beauty Permanent Pout

I recently just started subscribing to Glamourbox, a beauty subscription box here in the Philippines and last October, they had the Pop Beauty special edition box which I immediately subscribed to (especially after finding out that the brand is cruelty free). I was quite happy with the stuff I got and this is one of the products included in the Pop Beauty special edition box. 

This Permanent Pout lip paint is in the shade Razzle Rose and all the while I thought that the shade would lean more on a brighter pink or red hue. Needless to say I was utterly surprised to find out that it was more on the brownish side. I doubt I could pull off a brownish color so I wasn't exactly ecstatic when I first tried it on, but it grew on me and now I love it! I'm actually even thinking of getting more lip products in varying shades of brown. That's how hooked I am. 

Anyway, so this product retails for Php750 and I personally think that that's a fair price to pay considering all the good stuff that comes with purchasing this product i.e. paraben free, cruelty-free, great color payoff, and the size! At first glance, I thought "wha-?! Why is this a mascara? I thought I was getting a lip product?" The packaging is very much like how a mascara would be packaged. Not to mention that the silver color of the packaging gives the Pop Beauty Permanent Pout a very classy look. 

At first application, the texture is very creamy and a little on the sticky side. After a few seconds, it becomes more velvety, and when it dries? It feels like you aren't wearing any lip product on your lips. It's very matte, but not drying. The Pop Beauty Permanent Pout does not transfer on your skin when you kiss it so I'm assuming that it doesn't transfer to your lover's kissers when you make out. It is long-lasting since I applied this product at 7:24 am and slept till 1:11 pm and this was how my lips looked: 

But then I got hungry and ate leftover fried chicken fillet and I found out that like my other liquid matte lip products, the Pop Beauty Permanent Pout lip paint also wears off after eating. It didn't completely wear off, but still enough for me to want to reapply. 

It is no longer a deal breaker for me though since I haven't really found a lip product that does not wear off even after eating. If such a product exists and you happen to know about it (and it doesn't cost an absurd amount), I'd love it if you'd let me know. 

So yeah, I figure I'm still going to re-purchase or heck, even purchase another one in a different shade this time. I give this Pop Beauty Permanent Pout a 4 out of 5 stars!

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