Nov 1, 2016

Abby Jocson Bags Review

abby jocson

A few weeks ago, I took advantage of the sale going on at Abby Jocson is a bag designer and from October 10 to 16, all the bags were 60% off. It's. A. Bag. Sale. Need I say more?

Let me tell you, it's hard shopping on a budget. Especially when you have a lot of gorgeous designs to choose from, but I was able to finally decide on 2 designs which were the Gigi bag and the Kelly bag. Now, the shipping fee costs 100Php and guess what I did? I ordered them separately. Smart. I know. Anyway, while I was still on the fence about ordering another bag, I went ahead and got the Gigi design because I was afraid someone might snatch it under my nose. Again, the bags were on sale and we all know how women can be when there's a sale going on.

abby jocson

So there I was, the anticipation building up inside me while waiting for my bag to arrive on my doorstep and imagining what outfits I can build around the Gigi bag when finally it arrived, and much to my disappointment, arrived defective. What I mean by "defective" is that the strips of the tassel were falling off as if it were suffering from some crazy side effects of high stress levels.

And because that was unacceptable to me even though I paid more than half its original price (999Php), I reached out to them with my complaint and though it took them a few days to reply, they did reply and agreed to an exchange which I was grateful for. So while waiting for the exchange of my bag, I found myself on once more and gave in to the temptation of buying another bag, this time the Kelly bag and once again daydreaming about the outfits I could wear around it.

abby jocson

abby jocson

It arrived and I immediately inspected it and noticed it had a scratch somewhere around the gold area of the bag and a smidgen of dirt behind it, but nothing devastating enough for me to ask for another exchange. Don't get me wrong. I definitely see myself purchasing more Abby Jocson bags in the future, just not ordering them online anymore. From the experience I had, I prefer visiting their actual shop or booth (in bazaars) and buying in person so I can inspect the bags and be sure that what I purchase isn't defective. However, I might not be able to help myself when there's a major sale going on.

Here's the vlog where I reviewed my Abby Jocson bags: 

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Anonymous said...

I had the same negative experience with Shop Abby Jocson. I got a bag with a defective zipper. I returned the bag and until now, I still don't have the replacement. They told me they will be making new bags pa etc. etc. They actually said they'll set aside a new stock for me for replacement that's why I opted to return it. Service is very bad. Need to follow-up pa for them to "process" my request. It's been a month now, no replacement. They even said they do not allow refunds. I'm never getting bags from them again.