Oct 19, 2016

BeautyMNL Mini Haul!


I have to say, one of my favorite past time is shopping. Even better? Shopping online! I mean, what better way to spend idle time, right? 

So imagine my glee when one of my favorite online shop chose me to give their site a test run! What a great excuse to go shopping! Before I get carried away with any more of these exclamation points, let me go ahead and show you the stuff I got from BeautyMNL (I've also provided you with a link in case you are interested in purchasing the same things I got): 




I will also be posting my reviews on some of these products so watch out for those. 

BeautyMNL has become one of my favorite go-to site for my beauty purchases simply because of the convenience it provides to consumers like me (aside from your beauty faves being a click away, BeautyMNL also offer next day delivery and COD payment). I also love the fact that they carry products from a multitude of brands both international and local, and if you're into organic products (like I somewhat am), then even greater news! They carry those as well! 

Sometimes though you have to act fast as products can get sold out very quickly, but no worries if the product you're eyeing happens to be sold out. Just click the "waitlist" button and you'll be notified when that product is back in stock! Awesome, right? 

Even as I'm writing this and linking the products I got, I find myself constantly wandering around the site looking for my next purchases so I guess I should warn you to proceed with caution; shopping on BeautyMNL's site can be very addicting! 

Ciao for now and don't say I didn't warn you ;) 

Like taking selfies (I know I do!)? Well, guess what? BeautyMNL has a #selfieMNL contest going on! Join now and get a chance to win a Printster polaroid of your pretty face and a PHP200 BeautyMNL GC! Just click here for the complete details. Good luck, ladies! 

Oct 17, 2016

Beauty Review: NYX Sculpt & Highlight Face Duo

Nowadays it seems like your look isn't complete or "on fleek" if it isn't contoured and highlighted. Everywhere you look (well, on Instagram and YouTube in my case), FOTDs (Face of the Day) are mostly of ladies with on-point brows, chiseled faces, and glowing cheeks all thanks to the plethora of contouring and highlighting tutorials and products available. To be honest, I haven't really jumped on the bandwagon yet. I mean, I already take forever getting ready without having to contour and highlight my face, what more if I do add that to my beauty regimen? I'm probably never getting out of the bathroom!

NYX sculpt & highlight face duo

However, after trying out the NYX Sculpt & Highlight Face Duo, I became a believer. I found the NYX Sculpt & Highlight Face Duo to be beginner-friendly; just make sure you don't apply too much of the darker shade/contour from the get-go like I did the first time I tried this product on (I ended up rejecting the first video review I did because I ended up laughing and looking like a loon). I suggest you dot the contouring or sculpting product along the areas of your face you want to contour and just pack it on if you're not satisfied with the outcome after blending it out.

If you're not sure how to apply this product and you're too lazy to go online and look at tutorials, there is a handy picture guide on the side of the NYX Sculpt & Highlight Face Duo package. Although, I still recommend watching tutorials especially if you want to step up your contouring game.

nyx sculpt and highlight face duo

I used a blending sponge to blend out the products on my face, but I used separate sponges for the sculpting and highlighting products just so I don't make the mistake of blending it all together to the point where my face looks kind of muddy (as it did the first time I tried the NYX Sculpt & Highlight Face Duo). I'm sure you can use a brush as well, but I haven't tried that method yet.

In my opinion, I feel like the NYX Sculpt & Highlight really helped step up my makeup game. Like I said, I've become a believer. But I still won't contour my face every time I need to go out and get ready. My husband is a very patient man, but I doubt he's THAT patient.

I'll probably reserve the contoured look for when I have somewhere special to go.

Here's a video review of the NYX Sculpt & Highlight Face Duo:

Oct 12, 2016

Meet Kyra Yuna

Hi, guys! It is unfortunate that I was not able to put up any posts a month after giving birth. Things had just become even more overwhelming for me as a new mom. But now everything's settling down a bit (just a bit) what with my daughter being 2 months already and learning how to self-soothe. She's a lot less fussy nowadays too which is a relief for me. 

I gave birth last August 3 (2:50pm) to a healthy baby girl and was practically bedridden for a week. Looking at her, I never imagined I'd have a baby come out of my you-know-what. It's amazing, to be honest. 


The first week with her was CRAZY and I've learned A LOT from it, but that's for another post, maybe? 

Right now, I am learning to juggle between being a first time mom and a wife (and housekeeper), as well as a blogger/vlogger, and soon a business woman (fingers crossed!). That's a lot on my plate, but I'm confident that everything will run smoothly eventually. In fact, I am loving what I'm doing now. Surprising as it may be for me, I'm actually living up to my goal in life. To be happy and to do what I love to do. There, I said it. I love being a stay-at-home mom. lol! Though of course, I still want to be independent hence a business (in the very near future). 

So back to my baby, Kyra. The story behind her name is this: back when her dad was still in high school, he already wanted his first baby girl to be named "Kyra" and there is also a reason to that, but I'll leave the explaining to him ;) "Yuna" because his dad loved playing Final Fantasy and I like watching him play his video games and I loved the name Yuna so I thought, why not make that our baby's second name? Also, I think it sounds pretty, the name Kyra Yuna. What do you think? 

Anyway, this post was just a quick update for the readers of this blog. I have not abandoned ship yet, I just gave birth and am learning the ropes on how to be a mom. That said, I do have some ideas for posts lined up for this blog. I'll just have to find the time to execute them. I'm thinking, baby OOTDs? Mommy tips, and of course my Foodie Fridays, and product reviews. 

Hopefully you guys will also check out my YouTube channel, The Bohemian Doll