Mar 4, 2016

Foodie Friday: Chicken & Beer (BGC vs. Alabang)

I'm a fan of Korean dramas (and of course, the variety show "Running Man") and since I used to be an ESL tutor, I have been exposed to Korean culture (somewhat) and their food. Even though I don't eat beef or pork, there are still a lot of Korean food that I absolutely love (ddeokbokki, anyone?). I have also noticed that in some Korean drama series, one of the comfort food of choice is chicken and beer and I've been so curious ever since.

Imagine my delight when I heard about the Chicken & Beer restaurant here in the Philippines! I practically begged my food buddy (a.k.a fiancé) to try it out with me. Naturally, him being a guy and not really much for watching Korean dramas (except when I'm watching them with him around), he didn't really see what the big deal was. It was just chicken... and beer.

So drag him to the nearest branch (which was at Bonifacio Global City) I did and we regret NOTHING! Okay, so the place is quite easy to miss since it's sort of tucked in a corner, but it's there beside a bank, I think (I'm sorry, my memory is a bit crap). The ambiance of the place was pretty laid back and very welcoming and the staff were accommodating.

We ordered one of my favorites which was Ddeokbokki and tried out the Paris chicken. The Ddeokbokki was superb and although it was spicy, it wasn't pure tabasco-flavour kind of spicy and the sauce was quite thick and really delicious. The Paris chicken was tender and cooked perfectly. I had an apple flavoured beer to go with the food while my boyfriend opted for the Red Horse. 

chicken & beer

paris chicken


Since we were so satisfied with our first visit, we decided to bring my brother along the next time we went there, this time at the Alabang (Molito) branch. The place was smaller compared to the BGC branch, but still laidback and actually a bit whimsical. However, the staff was not as accommodating since it was hard to get their attention; they were all just doing their own thing. One of them even kept on going outside to use his phone.

For some reason, their food, at least the ddeokbokki didn't taste as good as the one at the BGC branch. It tasted like tabasco sauce was just poured all over the whole thing and ta-da! ddeokbokki! My boyfriend tried their spicy chicken this time and mentioned that the Paris chicken we had before at the BGC branch was more spicy than the spicy chicken he just ordered which is a bit weird if you think about it. My brother, on the other hand, ordered Cream Chicken Pasta which I got to taste, but I really can't comment on how it was since he had loaded it with tabasco before I even had a chance to ask him for a bite. The U-dong I ordered was actually good and I did enjoy it so that's one upside to the whole thing.

chicken & beer

chicken & beer


Overall, I would say it's better if you get your Chicken & Beer fix at the Bonifacio Global City branch. The ambiance is great and the servers are at your beck and call whereas the servers in in the Alabang area weren't so accommodating (at least the time we were there). Next time, I'll try the Chicken & Beer located at A. Venue Makati.

If you have also tried Chicken & Beer, do let me know about your experience and if you have restaurant recommendations, share them on the comment box as well! After all, I'm always on the lookout for good food.

P.S. For those confused about the beer I ordered, we went there last year so I wasn't pregnant then.

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