Mar 8, 2016

Spice Up Your Wardrobe with Non-Staple Pieces

There are multitude of articles out there that helps women decide what clothes or accessories to stock their closets with and one of the most common are the ones that advise us to invest in staple pieces that I'm pretty sure are already ingrained in practically every woman's mind – and closets. Crisp white blouse? Check. Basic white tee? Check. Blazer? Check. Black heels, boot-cut jeans, and of course the little black dress? Check, check, and of course, check! Staple pieces? Chances are we already own them all. So why don't we try to be a bit more daring by straying from the norm and incorporate a smattering of non-staple wardrobe pieces to spice things up? 

Boyfriend Jeans

Love or hate them, it looks like boyfriend jeans are here to stay and why not? It's comfortable and low-maintenance which makes them the jeans most women go for (take that, you unforgiving skinny jeans!). You can just easily throw on your basic tee and a pair of cute pumps and you're good to go.

boyfriend jeans


Metallics are definitely non-staple wardrobe pieces as they are too flashy to be regarded as basic. Although one can't deny that they are a recurring trend that are definite head turners what with all that shiny, flashy goodness. From makeup to shoes, metallics are just the thing to brighten up an otherwise drab look. Just don't ever wear them from head to toe lest you blind someone.


70s Style Jeans

Retro fashion has been making a comeback and they show no signs of going out of style – yet. One of the most popular trend is the flared and wide-leg jeans. It's almost as roomy as the boyfriend jeans, but a little more glam especially with sky-high heels. Think boho chic or Rachel Zoe. The best way to wear these types of jeans is with your shirt tucked in. 

Leopard Print

Tricky as it is to wear, this perennial trend exudes an air of fierceness and if done right, elegance that will no doubt demand people's attention. And since it's a perennial trend, your leopard print clothes or accessories is in no danger of gathering dust in your wardrobe. For those who want to venture into the wild side, but are a little hesitant, try going minimal because one leopard print accessory as small as a belt or a scarf can already make a huge statement.

Full Midi Skirts

Reminiscent of Dior's New Look, this piece can make practically anything look classy and should definitely change from a non-staple wardrobe piece to an actual closet staple. Also, the fuller the skirt, the better. Tuck a basic tee in your full midi skirt and see the transformation from casual to, well, fabulous! You can even try it with a sweater for colder weather and pair the ensemble with pointed toe heels.

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