Mar 1, 2016

The Lazy Girl's Guide to Staying Stylish during Summer

So I was sick for the past week and my eyes were bloodshot for 3 days straight (it's getting better now) and it was just crazy that I haven't been able to update the blog. I have yet to try and actually schedule more posts. Anyway, here's a post from way back that I did which I just edited a bit that I think is relevant what with summer already in our midst (if you're in the Philippines, that is) and I am starting to feel the HEAT.

I don't know about you, but the summer heat usually makes me feel sluggish and getting dressed becomes a chore I don't even want to think about, much less do (Yes, I get so lazy to the point where I sometimes parade around my apartment almost naked). What happens is that I sometimes end up going out of the house wearing whatever I grab first from my brother's closet and the end result is more often than not homely... and a few times cringe-worthy.

Since I have a blog to maintain AND I really want to make more of an effort to look good all the time, I pushed myself to try and achieve looking very presentable whenever I go out. Below are just some of the effective ways I've found to looking totally put-together with minimal effort that I think girls who have found themselves in the same predicament will find helpful. 

1. Wear it on Your Face... or Hair

So you really don't feel like making an effort to dress up or maybe most of your nice clothes are in the laundry, that's okay. You can wear a basic tee and a pair of shorts and still be able to play up your look with makeup! No, I'm not advising you to pile on products on your face. A tinted moisturizer or BB Cream and a swipe of bright colored lipstick will do the trick. It would be a plus if you combine it with an easy, but pretty hairstyle. Nowadays, you can find tons of pretty hairstyle tutorials on the internet (Pinterest or Youtube, anyone?).

2. Stick to Lightweight Clothing

Lightweight tops and dresses are definite summer must-haves. Seriously. It's even better if the item of clothing is loose or billowy because a. you won't have to struggle trying to get it on you and b. this will give you room to breathe and won't make you sweat profusely because sweating like a pig is just not attractive. No. By the way, I haven't seen a pig sweat yet. Have you? Do share.

3. Wear Shorts... or skirts

Jeans can be uncomfortable especially when you're experiencing the summer heat. Summer in the Philippines can be quite unbearable (to me, personally) and wearing jeans are just too constricting so I opt for shorts instead, plus they're faster to slip into and you'll no doubt have awesome luck finding one with fun details and/or fabrics like lace. Set aside your jeans and bring out your shorts and/or skirts! Let your legs breathe! Don't feel comfortable showing some legs? Then wear lightweight pants or longer skirts. Or you know, maybe your thighs will get slimmer from all the sweating your legs will be doing in those constricting denim jeans.

4. Wear Flattering Flat Sandals

There will be days when even slipping our feet into a pair of heels or sneakers will feel like too much work and flip flops can look kind of shabby (unless you live by the beach). Flat sandals are your best friends during the summer! They can be dressy or laid back without looking too shabby. I also think that flattering flat sandals are great options especially if you want to show off your cute pedicure. 

5. When in Doubt, Accessorize! 

Accessories have the power to transform your look from plain to fabulous. Try wearing a plain shirt and a pair of shorts and you'll look just that. Plain. But if you add say, statement earrings or a cool pair of shades or maybe even a colorful scarf, then you'd look a hell of a lot more interesting. 

photo credit: Mlle Tortue via photopin cc


Kelsey Valdez said...

This helped. Thanks! x

Ainslee said...

Hi Kelsey! I'm glad it helped and thanks for stopping by :)