Feb 19, 2016

Foodie Friday: Nadai Fujisoba

I haven't really made any New Year's resolution for this year since I rarely get to stick to it throughout the year, but if I had to make one if only for this blog I guess it would be to post regularly. So to help with that, I thought of doing regular posts and since I love food and am usually out trying "new" (new to me, at least) restaurants, I figured why not do "Foodie Friday" posts? I've actually put up some Foodie Friday posts before I decided to go on a long hiatus and so as not to let them go to waste, never to be read again, I will be re-posting them before putting up posts about the very recent restaurants I've been to. 

First up, we have a restaurant (we tried out last year) that has instantly become a favorite of mine: 

I like noodles and I especially enjoy eating ramen on days I don't feel like cooking or as a "midnight snack" for when I'm at my boyfriend's place, but eating too much of the same thing can get a little boring therefore I try to mix things up a bit by trying out udon and whatever type of noodles are out there. One day, as I was browsing through the net, looking for restaurants or food joints I haven't been to, I came across an article on a newly opened restaurant located at Bonifacio Global City called Nadai Fujisoba. My head just about exploded from the variety of soba/udon available and at reasonable prices (800php to 1,00php budget for 2 people would suffice) too that I knew my boyfriend and I had to try it out. 

We finally got the chance to eat at Nadai Fujisoba last weekend and people were lining up to get a seat. I didn't mind waiting for 15 minutes to get seated because I was pretty sure the food was going to be worth it. I was NOT disappointed. 

nadai fujisoba
Potato Croquette

nadai fujisoba

nadai fujisoba
Ebi Ten Soba

I've tasted cold soba before when I was younger because my mom used to love eating them, but I have long since forgotten the taste and I usually stick to ramen or udon noodles. Let me just say that soba is now my favorite type of noodles. Plus, it's healthier than ramen and udon. If you look at the photos above, you will notice that the middle photo does not have a name to it. That's because I was so caught up in my ebi ten soba that I completely forgot about my boyfriend's dish (or bowl if you would). Also, I don't eat pork or beef. So there's my reason: I forgot the name of my boyfriend's soba. If you know, help me out here, please? 

Hot soba is just perfect with ebi tempura. Or maybe I'm just biased since shrimp is one of my favorite food? But honestly, it was so delicious I couldn't stop stuffing my face and neither did I care how pig-like I probably looked. It's also a good thing we didn't order a lot because one bowl of the ebi ten soba was enough to keep me full and satisfied. 

By the way, the potato croquette was so good that it kind of made me cry inside when I realized it had bits of pork in it and had to give it all to my boyfriend who happily accepted, of course. 

 I wanted to include an OOTD photo here, but my boyfriend/food buddy/forced photographer still needs some work on his "photography skills" soooo I hope this very close representation of what I wore that night would suffice:

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