Feb 8, 2016

An Exciting 2016!

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As you may have noticed, I haven’t posted anything all throughout the month of January. It doesn’t mean I hadn’t had an exciting start to a new year because I actually did. In fact, I had two very exciting things happen to me: one, a month before the new year and the second, a day or two before new year’s eve. I just thought I wouldn’t post anything about them on the month of January when everything was still a little overwhelming and shaky, and I wanted to be a hundred percent sure of what’s currently going on in my life. 

Also, I thought you guys would’ve by then been tired of all the “New Year, New You” and “New Year’s Resolutions” posts that I am guessing have been rampant especially throughout the month of January. I guess what I’m saying is, I just wanted all the excitement to settle down a bit, you know?  

Now that it has, I just want to grab this opportunity to share with my readers my exciting news (I haven’t even announced these big news on my Facebook account because I thought it was so special I couldn’t bear to share it immediately with anyone except really close friends and family).

I am currently pregnant with my first baby! I actually never thought I’d be a mom except during my younger years wherein I really wanted to be a young mom (no, not teen mom. Just young mom). Back then I didn’t really know what I was talking about, but now that I am definitely of age and very much in love with my partner, I can truly say that this pregnancy is a wish come true (for both of us, of course). 

And I’m engaged! It was sweet, funny, and quite unromantic the way my fiancé proposed to me, but I think I’ll keep that story to myself… for now. We have been planning to get married(well, he was. It wasn’t really part of my plan though I DO love him tremendously) ever since the first couple of months of our relationship (he said after 3 years into our relationship he was going to propose, but decided to do it a year early hehe). 

photo from: stocksnap.io

So those are my two most exciting news for this year and now that you guys know, don’t be surprised if I suddenly start sprinkling this blog with some baby/parenting or married life/household posts. Don’t worry, it will still remain a beauty, style, AND lifestyle blog. I do want to be “yummy mummy” after all. 

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