Nov 5, 2015

Halloween Late Update

I can't believe it took me so long to post this. My laptop went AWOL on me and I had a hell of a time trying to transfer my photos from my iPad to my boyfriend's computer. Talk about bad luck. I feel like this may be irrelevant now, but I just want to share with you guys how I spent my Halloween. I thought it was going to be pretty much nondescript and since I seriously didn't want to spend Halloween night not doing anything, my boyfriend and I decided to just go on a proper date (which we haven't really done in months now).

I let him surprise me and he came up with dinner at Tenka, this Japanese shabu shabu place in Glorietta mall. The place looked cozy and intimate, perfect for a romantic date in town. It certainly didn't hurt that the place was decorated with Halloween-related stuff like cobwebs on the walls, tombstones on their replica of a cherry blossom tree, and best of all, the staff made up to look like witches, ghouls, faeries, etc. It really made up for us not donning on costumes and going to Halloween parties (which quite frankly, I think I'm getting too old and boring for).


Tenka shabu shabu

hot pot buffet


To be totally honest, we haven't really been to a hotpot/shabu-shabu place before so we really didn't have an inkling as to what we were doing. We got practically everything on the menu and left the heat on so high that towards the end, some of the food we put in to boil ended up getting mushy. The seaweed on my seaweed miso soup took on an entirely different taste and it wasn't good. Aside from that error on our part (we have learned our lesson, don't worry), all I can say is that the food was SO delicious and I enjoyed my time there and regretted nothing even when my tummy was close to bursting and I could feel my food reaching up to my throat (I didn't throw up. That would have been wasteful). The staff was also very accommodating so that's a huge thumbs up to Tenka! We are definitely going back for more. 

dinner date


Oh and through all the excitement, I forgot to take an OOTD so I hope these half photos of my outfit will suffice. It's a tank top from H&M and a Tommy Hilfiger scarf paired off with an American Eagle jeans and my classic black Charles & Keith heels.

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