Apr 15, 2016

Foodie Friday: Sol Victoria's

From time to time, I would ask my fiancé to take me out to dinner or lunch because I still want to go out on dates with him even if we're already about to get married, and it's something I think all couples should do to maintain the romance in their relationship. We would research places we haven't yet been to and try them out. Plus, it's good for my Foodie Friday posts. That's like hitting 3 birds with one stone, right?! Anyway, he was busy this past few days with work and so we decided to go somewhere nearby. We were supposed to try Wild Wild Wings, but it looked like they were in the midst of renovating the place so we decided on Sol Victoria's (located in Better Living Parañaque) instead.

Sol Victoria's
Apologies for the quality of this photo and for that finger on the top part (I was not comfortable taking photos in public) 
Sol Victoria's

I regret to mention that I failed to take more photos of the place to explain better how it looked inside since there were a lot of people dining there and I was not comfortable taking photos like some wannabe food blogger (which I am, I think). But yeah, inside to the left (upon entering), there's a more open area for those who wants to chill, have some drinks with their buddies and smoke while on the right side is a closed space with aircon and glass walls and sliding doors to accommodate families who wants to dine with their kids and be away from the cigarette smoke... that or they want to get away from the unbelievable heat we are currently experiencing in this country. 

I ordered Victoria's wings (200Php) and ripe mango shake (100Php) while my fiancé had creamy beef (250Php). We also ordered Java rice (150Php) to accompany our choices of food. 

The Victoria's wings came with mustard and mango dip and it was so so good! Even the wings eaten sans the dip was very delicious; they were crunchy and juicy. I honestly enjoyed every bite. My fiancé made me try out the creamy beef's sauce and at first I didn't want to since I don't eat beef and/or pork, but he convinced me that there weren't any on the sauce he was offering to me. It sort of tasted like carbonara sauce or cream of mushroom and I liked it, BUT I still did not eat more than what was offered to me. 

The java rice. Oh I don't really know what to say. I'm used to java rice being plain (meaning without added bits and pieces of whatever) and orange-y and so I did not expect it to have bits of- I suspect- meat. It was a task having to separate most of the meat from the rice since they were so minuscule. I had a hell of a time with the rice, but it was still quite delicious and I didn't let the itty-bitty pieces of meat stop me from enjoying my food. 

Ripe mango shake is ripe mango shake. It was very yummy (did not taste like water) and perfect for the summer heat. 

I would definitely recommend Sol Victoria's as a go-to place to have an affordable laid back and delicious dinner/lunch. 

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