Apr 20, 2016

Beauty Review: Holika Holika Sweet Cotton Pore Cover BB + Nippon Pro Blend Sponge

Holika Holika Sweet Cotton Pore Cover BB

Hi, guys! I have another beauty review for you and I feel like it's taken me a long time to put this up. Anyway, so I was running out of BB cream and thought to try out a new one and since I like Korean BB creams, I decided on Holika Holika, a brand that I have never heard of until this year. Holika Holika has a lot of BB cream products you can choose from and I guess one of their most popular is the Aqua Petit Jelly BB Cream, but I decided to try something a bit newer. 

Holika Holika Sweet Cotton Pore Cover BB

The great thing about the Holika Holika Sweet Cotton Pore Cover BB is that you get good coverage with a pea-size amount. That is if you're using your fingertips to apply this all over your face. Since I applied mine with a Nippon Pro Blend sponge, I had to use a bit more than just a pea-size amount. 

Holika Holika Sweet Cotton Pore Cover BB

I have never used a blending sponge to apply foundations and/or BB creams before therefore it felt a bit awkward to me applying the Holika Holika Sweet Cotton Pore Cover BB cream with my Nippon Pro Blend sponge, but I think I went about it the right way. The sponge helped me spread/blend the product evenly on my face and I sort of felt cleaner using the sponge than when I use my fingers (of course you have to always make sure that the sponge or whatever applicator you're using is clean) 

I skipped applying face powder or finishing powder just so you guys could see the result after a couple of hours of wearing the product. 

So during the time I was reviewing this, I didn't go anywhere. I just stayed home and did my regular house chores (washing clothes and dishes, cooking, cleaning, etc.). By around 8pm (I applied the BB cream at around 4-4:30 pm), I could see that the Holika Holika Sweet Cotton Pore Cover BB was still on my face, meaning it didn't completely wash out or faded, but I did also notice that my T-zone got a little bit oily which is only normal especially when you don't apply finishing powder on top of it and you don't retouch (with pressed powder) or use blotting paper. 

Overall, I really like this BB cream and might consider repurchasing in the future. 

Nippon Pro Blend Sponge

As I've previously mentioned, I enjoyed using the Nippon Pro Blend sponge because it was quite soft and it made applying the BB cream easy. Plus, I felt like I wasn't putting germs on my face since I didn't have to use my fingers (and of course, the sponge was clean). I think that the Pro Blend Sponge Cleaner did a good job with cleaning my sponge since it didn't take me more than a few squeezes of the sponge before the makeup stain completely disappeared (although not from the sponge, I'm afraid) and all that was left was clear water. What I didn't like about the cleaner though is that it was difficult to get the product out from the bottle. Like squeezing the bottle won't do you much good. You have to continuously shake it down to get the product out and onto the sponge. I hope they have a pump for the bigger one (I saw on their site that their 100 ml bottle is the same as this little one) for easier use. 

Here's my video review of the Holika Holika Sweet Cotton Pore Cover BB cream and the Nippon Pro Blend Sponge and Sponge Cleaner: 

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