Jun 7, 2016

Beauty Review: Beach Born Sea Salt Spray

Beach Born Sea Salt Spray

I have been wanting to try this product out ever since I first saw it on BeautyMNL, but I was also feeling a bit hesitant because I already have really curly hair and figured there's not much point in me buying the Beach Born Sea Salt Spray so it stayed on my basket for weeks until one night, when I was roaming around BF Ruins (Good Shepherd's Bazaar) with my brother and husband, I came across a store that sells cute swimwear (Ekai) and my eyes eventually landed on this product which was sitting pretty on a little basket in front of the store. 

I shelled out PhP 180 for this 100mL Beach Born Sea Salt Spray bottle and I regret NOTHING. 

I needed something that would tame my curls because when I let my hair air dry, it can't help but expand and become as fluffy as a poodle's hair (quick fact: I used to be called "poodle" in grade school by some pesky boys from my class because of my poofy hair) and I'm happy to say that this product does the trick. 

First off, it doesn't really smell like anything so that's good. What I normally do after a shower is dry my hair with a towel and when it's not too wet anymore, I just spray it liberally all over my hair, making sure that the front part (the hair that frames my face) gets a good amount of spritz and then I twist them backwards just so they don't get frizzy. I also bring all of my hair in front (I bend my head upside down) and spray it all over to add a "lift" to my hair because as much as I want tamed curls, I do not want my hair to end up looking limp and flat. 

It also says on the back that the Beach Born Sea Salt Spray can be used as a dry shampoo, but if you're curly like me, I wouldn't really recommend doing so because from my personal experience, my hair got really crunchy and hard and I can't even comb my hands through my hair. It was pretty uncomfortable since I felt like I haven't washed my hair for days (when in fact, I only skipped a day of washing my hair). It could also be that I sprayed a lot of the product onto my hair, but whatever. I'm not using this as a dry shampoo again. I will always prefer using this after a nice shower :) 

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