Jun 15, 2016

Beauty Review: Pink Sugar Concealer & Lip and Cheek Tint

Pink Sugar

Pink Sugar is a fairly new cosmetics company that launched its brand just last year, 2015 and I've been hearing a lot about them that I decided to finally go ahead and try a few of their products and see what the hype was about. 

I like that they have an affordable price range which is a huge plus for people like me who don't have much money to burn (if any at all). 

Pink Sugar Swatches

The Our Li'l Secret concealer has a thick and creamy consistency, but don't let that fool you. This concealer dries up fast and when that happens, it can become very hard to blend out so my advice is to start with a small amount and blend it fast. I found that it is better to blend with a brush (and maybe a sponge, though I haven't tried applying it with a sponge yet) and to mix it with a bit of BB cream. I suppose you can also try mixing it with a bit of moisturizer, but again, I have yet to try doing that. 

I love the coverage that it gives as it really hides my dark circles and it is definitely long-lasting. However, I did notice that it becomes chalky and/or cakey on the under-eye area which I presume is because of the product drying up. Very unfortunate really since I really like the coverage. 

Our Li'l Secret concealer

As for the Sugar Tint lip and cheek tint, I am baffled by this particular product because I have heard a lot of beauty bloggers/vloggers and even most consumer feedbacks claim that it is long lasting and that it doesn't wear off even after eating which is very untrue in my experience. 

Pink Sugar Sugar Tint
Excuse the upper lip sweat (lol)  
I have worn this lip product 3 times now, all of which wore off after a meal. Am I doing something wrong?! 

Pink Sugar

Again, I really like the creamy consistency and the matte finish of the lip and cheek tint and am also definitely loving the shade I got (Queen Bee), but for the life of me, it doesn't stay on when I eat! It is surprising though that when I drink a glass of water, the tint does not transfer to the rim of the glass nor does it wear off on my lips. So yeah, this one's definitely an enigma to me, lol! 

All I can say is, since Pink Sugar is still a new company, I'm pretty sure that they will be able to improve their products in time and maybe (hopefully) re-formulate these particular products. I'm crossing my fingers. 

Pink Sugar cosmetics
3 hours after applying the products (and also after eating) 

You can also watch the video review I did on these products here:

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